The California Native Plant Society is a statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California's native plants. Its principal aims are to preserve the native flora and to add to the knowledge of members and the public at large.

The Dorothy King Young Chapter serves coastal Mendocino County, the northern coastal area of Sonoma County, and nearby areas. We host activities throughout the year for members and the general public. These include:

  • regular meetings featuring informative guest speakers
  • field trips
  • educational functions
  • plant sales
  • weed eradication

We also provide input and information to governmental and private agencies about projects of local and statewide interest which may have effects on native plants.

I found myself at a dinner across the table from a visiting Australian. In the course of conversation, I asked if Australians recognized Cortaderia jubata as a pest. As pampasgrass, they knew it and damned it. It has become a major pest. As we continued to talk about exotics we both agreed that lynching was appropriate...

John Madison, Calypso, Jan-Feb 1992