Updated 20 June 2021
Dudleya Legislation Efforts and News
A Win for Dudleya!
Assembly Unanimously Approved AB 223
California's Dudleya, precious native succulents, are a step closer to direct legal protection today thanks to Asm. Christopher Ward of San Diego. The California Assembly has unanimously approved Asm. Ward’s AB 223, a bill making it explicitly illegal to harvest Dudleya from the wild without a permit and the first California legislation to specifically address the growing problem of plant poaching.

Now, the Senate will review and vote; if passed there, the bill will await the Governer's signature this fall.
Link to Dudleya Protection News at the CNPS website. Good information about Dudleyas, the poaching, what's important about the legislation in progress to protect them and other native plants from poaching, Domestic and International. CNPS Animated .GIF Chapter Dudleya Mascots are on display there also.
Dudleay farinosa, Jug Handle State Preserve in bloom